About EFRA and Updates


Ealing Fields Residents' Association, which has been in existence since 1974, covers the area stretching from Cranmer Avenue/Windermere Road in the north to Ealing Park Gardens/Lawrence Road in the south, and between Blondin Park/Northfield Avenue and Weymouth Avenue.


Map of EFRA area

It exists to maintain and improve our local environment and to help create a sense of community in our local area. It has had many successes over the years. These include protecting residents’ interests in court and at inquiries, stopping unsuitable planning applications and extended late opening hours for licensed premises, and the establishment of a nature conservation area in Blondin Park.

The Association is run by volunteers, is non-party political, and receives no public funding. Our Committee includes members with experience of dealing with a variety of local problems, both small and large. We also hold social events and general meetings.

It is very important that the Association builds up a large membership; the larger our membership, the more weight our views will carry and the more effective we can be in achieving our aims.

Membership of the Association is £2.00 for the first member at a residence and then £1.00 for each additional member. All members receive our twice-yearly printed newsletter, and those members with an e-mail address also receive our frequent e-newsletter. All payments made now will last until May 2018, the end of our membership year.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please use the Contact form and our membership secretary will be in touch with you. 

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