West Ealing and Hanwell - Council proposals for changes along Uxbridge Road - Corridor 1c

During the last round of Ward Forum meetings, councillors unveiled designs for what they are calling Corridor 1c.  This the stretch of Uxbridge Road which runs from the River Brent to Northfield Avenue.

In response residents asked for a meeting to be held with council officers to fully explain the plans before they go out to public consultation.

The council has therefore arranged a meeting for members of the public to find out more:

3 December 2012
7:30 to 9:00 pm
Princes Room at Ealing Town Hall

Transport planners, economic regeneration officers and the cabinet member for transport will be present.

In summary the proposals are:

Remove bus lanes and replace them with bicycle lanes

Replace traffic lights with roundabouts at some key junctions (Hanwell Clock Tower and at St Mathias/Our Lady & St Joseph)

Plans and drawings do not yet seem to be listed under one heading on the Ealing Council website.  If you want to find out more, a search on 'corridor 1C' yields the best results.  We have uploaded the agenda for the meeting and a conceptual 'idea' for Leeland Road on our website for you to see.  Our neighbouring residents' association BMRA has some drawings on its site:





A Council email from Yasmin Basterfield dated 13 November 2012 gives further details about the proposals:

Uxbridge Road/Lower Boston Road – Reconfiguration of pedestrian island in order to widen the pedestrian crossing across the Uxbridge road. Reduction of the Westbound approach to a single lane to enable a extension of the cycle lane. Removal of the eastbound bus lane to be replaced with a cycle land and a footway build-out on the northern side of the Uxbridge Road.

Uxbridge Road/ Boston Road/ Broadway Junction - conversion of the signal junction, into a mini round about to reduce the impact the reduce of traffic. As part of this proposal the one way flow on Broadway/ Cherrington Road would be reversed, enabling better roundabout operations. A zebra crossing on the Uxbridge Road Westbound approach with courtesy crossing on all other approaches. The Eastbound bus lane would be removed as it is predicted that this would have little impact on bus journey times. The roundabout would be situated on a raised table which along with improvements to the area around the clock tower will create a town square with planters and seating.

Uxbridge Road/ Church Road/ St Georges Road Junction - conversion of the signal junction into a mini-roundabout, this would include the addition of two raised zebra crossings, one on the church road approach on the St Georges Road approach. There will be new signalised pedestrian crossings on both the Uxbridge Road approaches.

Uxbridge Road between the junctions of church road/ St Georges and Eccleston road - introduce mandatory eastbound cycle lane.

Uxbridge road/ Eccleston road/ Coldershaw Road Junction - add an all-round pedestrian stage to the end of the Eccleston round current signal sequence  which would enable fully controlled signalised crossings to be added to all arms on the Eccleston road junction and the removal of the left turn ban from Eccelston Road.

Uxbridge road between Coldershaw road and St James Avenue - inset pay and display machines on the south side and the shortening of the eastbound bus lane.

Uxbridge road between green man lane and lido junction - new signalised crossing east of Leeland Terrace and removal of the existing signalised crossing s west of lido junction and east of green man lane.

20 mph zone through the town centre sections of west Ealing and Hanwell.

Public realm improvements at Green Man Passage, St James Avenue, Leeland road and Hanwell clock tower.