Northfield 20mph zone

In our Autumn newsletter we reported on the proposal for a 20mph zone in roads near Northfield Avenue, roughly the area bounded by Northfield Avenue, Little Ealing Lane, South Ealing Road and the Piccadilly railway line. The introduction of the zone will require speed-humps on all included roads.

Residents of Wellington Road and Julien Road have been campaigning for traffic-calming measures for several years due to those roads being used as short-cuts by motorists avoiding the speed-humps on Bramley Road. Additionally, the expansion of Little Ealing primary school will lead to an increase in the number of children walking within the area.

Residents in the roads in the area should have received a consultation leaflet and questionnaire. The questionnaire asks simply whether the responder is in favour or not of the 20mph zone and allows further comments to be made.

The questionnaire can also be completed on-line and so presumably by interested residents who are not in the affected roads. The deadline for completion is Friday 21 January and EFRA encourages residents of the affected roads to complete the questionnaire. The zone will be introduced only if the result is in favour.

The details of the proposal and the questionnaire are on the council web site.