March eNewsletter 2018

Important Heathrow Consultations – responses needed by 28 March

Heathrow Airport Limited (HAL) has launched two consultations. One concerns the precise location and length of the proposed Runway 3 and the other covers potential flight paths over West London going forward  (whether R3 is built or not). EFRA opposes the construction of R3 and will continue to lobby against the expansion of Heathrow.

Members are invited to submit their own views to HAL on these two sets of proposals and also to provide any insights for the EFRA submission as well. The closing date for both submissions is March 28th. Links to the documents and to the feedback methods are available via:

The consultation on expansion options is heavy in detail and reviews noise and air pollution amongst other matters. 

The other consultation has more relevance right now, whether R3 goes ahead or not. This is because of the newly developed system of ‘Performance Based Navigation’ (PBN) which is currently being rolled out globally and will be applied to Heathrow operations in due course. Essentially PBN will enable much more flexibility on flight paths along with much closer control of the planes using them. This will apply to both departures and landings.  In the future it is likely that planes will join the final approach much closer to Heathrow than is currently the case. Therefore there is a high-risk of aircraft landing directly over Ealing and the EFRA area. At the moment the planes land south of our area over Kew and Richmond.

EFRA will campaign against an increased number of flights being routed over our area – particularly when planes are landing from the east. Please therefore take a good look at this part of the consultation and make sure that HAL hear your views before it is too late.

Ealing Fields High School: Public Exhibition 28 March

This new school, which is part of the Twyford School Academy, will move to its permanent site on the former St Ann’s Convent/King Fahad Academy site on Little Ealing Lane in the next year or two.  There are extensive building works associated with the commissioning of the new school.  Prior to the formal planning application for the redevelopment of the site, the Government’s funding agency, in conjunction with the school, is organising an exhibition and consultation event at St Stephen’s House 62 Little Ealing Lane on Wednesday 28 March 3:00-8:00pm.  Please attend so you can see what the development will mean for you and your neighbours

EFRA has established a Sub Group which is in discussion with the school about the development of the site. Sub Group members and other EFRA Committee members will be present at the Exhibition and would like to hear your views on what is proposed. We can then feed back any concerns you may have to the school and other interested parties.  

Northfield Ward Forum: 12 March

This is the official council meeting, hosted by our Councillors, where discussions take place on matters of interest to the local community such as parking, planning and street cleaning.  The local Police will also be attending.

The next forum will be held on Monday 12 March at 7:30pm at Northfields Community Centre 71A Northcroft Road W13 9SS.  Full agenda here

EFRA AGM: Wednesday 23 May

One for the diary - our AGM will be held this year on Wednesday 23rd May at the Log Cabin from 7pm. Please do come to hear from your local Councillors, the Police and others about issues affecting our local community.