Transport and parking

Upgrade of Pedestrian Crossing outside Northfields Station

Work to improve the pedestrian crossing outside Northfields Station will start on 18 November 2013.  The works will last for approximately 4 weeks.

Ealing Council sent us the letter that is being delivered to residents in early November about the start date.  Please click here to see a copy.

Local Transport Plan Consultation

In September 2013 EFRA responded to Ealing Council’s consultation on its Transport Plan 2014-17.  Our response focused on:

Paying for Visitor Parking in CPZs - Change in Council's Contractor

An EFRA member contacted us about a letter circulated by the Council in early September concerning changes to the parking scheme for visitors in CPZs.  The letter did not have a letter head and yet was requesting credit/debit card details.  We alerted our local Councillors, concerned that this might be a scam.  Our councillors followed it up and discovered that the letter was genuine.  The Council acknowledged it had handled the communication poorly (click

Bus Routes and Proposed Hospitals Reorganisation

At the end of August, EFRA responded to the London Assembly Transport Committee's investigation into bus services in London.  We were responding specifically in relation to the announced hospital reorganisation in North West London.

The key points we made were:

Pavement Replacement along Northfield Avenue

Work to re-lay the pavement on the east side of Northfield Avenue from Devonshire Road to Bramley Road starts on Monday 17 June and is expected to take around 7 weeks.  This letter from the council gives more detail, including a contact if you have concerns.

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