Transport and parking

Cabling Works around Little Ealing Lane - an Update

Councillors have passed on to us a copy of an email about the ongoing cabling works in and around Little Ealing Lane, giving an update on next steps and possible changes to hours of working, pattern of lights etc to speed up the project.

Ealing Council email dated 27 July 2015

Parking Permits

During 2015 Ealing Council has been introducing an internet-only system for parking permits and visitor parking. The system is experiencing significant teething problems. For example, you are not sent a receipt when you pay for your parking permit by credit/debit card and you no longer receive a paper version of your annual permit. You therefore do not have proof of payment. We have gathered together some basic information which may help you if you have problems.

Electricity Cable Works in Little Ealing Lane

Work being carried out by J Murphy and Sons on behalf of Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution resumed after Easter.

To avoid major congestion in the area, some roads leading off Little Ealing Lane will be closed and local diversions put in place as the work progresses. There will be a requirement to use multi way temporary lights at the junctions at either end of the road. However, this work will be carried out at weekends in the case of the South Ealing Road junction and school holiday periods or weekends for the Windmill Road junction.

Changes at Northfields Station

Many of you are likely to have received a letter and leaflet and/or email from Transport for London about the forthcoming changes in Northfields Station.

Work starts on 20 April 2015 to alter the ticket hall. Ticket windows will be permanently closed. Staff will move out of the ticket office into the ticket hall. The station will continue to be staffed between the first and last train times.

There may be further staffing changes when the Underground moves to 24-hour running on 12 September 2015.

Assyrian Centre in South Ealing Road

In December 2014 EFRA submitted an objection to the revised planning application to develop the Assyrian Centre at the junction of South Ealing Road and Temple Road.

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