Planning Applications

One of the most important of EFRA’s activities is to monitor, and respond to consultations on, the larger planning applications in our area.

We discuss these applications with the residents who are most closely affected and also assist them with their personal submissions to the Council’s planners.

EFRA is not opposed to developments but our submissions are informed by the view that the low rise and low density nature of our essentially Edwardian residential neighbourhood should be preserved.

Assyrian Centre in South Ealing Road

In December 2014 EFRA submitted an objection to the revised planning application to develop the Assyrian Centre at the junction of South Ealing Road and Temple Road.

Motorbike Training : Update

EFRA continues to support residents in Belsize Avenue, Jefferson Close and Mayo Court suffering from noise and disturbance from motorbike training in the Orion Park car park.

The operator has applied for the ban on the use of the open areas of Orion Park for motorbike training to be lifted so that training can take place using electric motorbikes.

In January 2015 EFRA submitted a letter objecting to the new planning application on the grounds of continuing distress and concern to local residents arising amongst other things from -

Proposed Conversion of House in Overdale Road to Two Flats

In October 2014 EFRA objected to a planning application to convert 12 Overdale Road into two flats with rear extension which would, if allowed, set a precedent for all of us who live in the roads of near identical modest terraced housing constructed by A J Taylor in the years immediately before the First World War.

Northfield Avenue and Wellington Road - Proposed Conversion to Six Flats

During the summer a developer applied for permission to build six small flats at the corner of Wellington Road and Northfield Avenue, two of them in self contained basements.  EFRA objected to this application on a number of grounds including excess density and its being out of character with the area.  In August 2014 the council's planning committee refused the application.

The full text of our objection is on our website.

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