Response to planning application for the Christadelphian Meeting Hall, Dorset Road


Town and Country Planning Act 1990: Planning Application
Christadelphian Meeting Hall Dorset Road, Ealing, W5 4HX
ref: P/2011/1326

Dear Ms Perry

I write as Vice Chair of the Ealing Fields Residents’ Association (EFRA). We represent some 25 streets in the South Ealing/Northfields area and have about 500 members. The Christadelphian Meeting Hall in Dorset Road falls within the area that the residents’ association cover. We have commented on the previous planning applications for this site.

This latest planning submission from the Christadelphians is a significant improvement on the previous proposals and in general EFRA has no significant objections to the proposed design of the extension to the existing hall.

However, we have one particular objection to the planning application that we would ask the Council to consider. Currently there is an existing permission to remove the lime tree on the western end of the site near the entrance to the hall. This permission to fell the tree (which meant that a TPO had to be extinguished) was granted as the previous design required the removal of that tree to build a kitchen in that location. The new design does not require that tree to be removed as there is no such constraint now.

We consider that it would be possible to reposition the new building by a metre or so and to slant the entrance area to enable the retention of the tree. In effect instead of repositioning the new side extension from the southern to the northern side of the site, it could equally well be positioned some way in between these extremities and thereby avoid the need to remove the tree.  

Additionally the plan on Appendix A of the Arboricultural Statement indicates ‘New Planting’ close to the site of the tree that it is currently proposed be removed. We would request that a condition is adopted that determines the nature, height and scale of this planting. This would prevent excessive planting overshadowing the back gardens of the properties that are adjacent to the site

Yours Sincerely

Roger Jarman