Submission on the landscaping of Bramley Road Open Space

In March EFRA submitted its comments to Ealing Council on the proposed landscaping of the Bramley Road Open Space.

The detailed submission is attached below.

Bramley Road Open Space Landscaping Public Consultation
I write on behalf of Ealing Fields Residents’ Association (EFRA) in respect of the above consultation. I apologise for the slight delay in our response.
EFRA is a large resident’s association with a subscription membership of some 750 residents living in the 30 streets surrounding Bramley Road Open Space. We therefore welcome the opportunity to comment on this consultation.
We welcome the aspiration to increase the usage of Bramley Road Open Space and the contribution that it makes to the quality of life of local residents. We have therefore examined the landscaping proposals with interest and in some detail.
While there is considerable merit in many of the proposals outlined in the consultation document, we suggest that significant revisions and finessing are needed if they are to maximise the opportunity provided by the redevelopment of the wider Log Cabin site.
We summarise below our key concerns. These concerns, along with suggestions for alternative treatments, are set out in more detail in the accompanying document. We believe that our suggested changes will not only improve on the Council’s plans but also save money in an era when public resources are heavily constrained.
Key concerns:
  • We believe that extensive pruning of the trees that cast excessive shadows across the open space is essential to ensure the success of the proposals.
  • We are opposed to the removal of the perimeter railings and fencing.
  • Greater clarity is needed as to how vehicles will safely interface with pedestrians and children along the northern side of the unfenced open space.
  • We suggest that an inner infant’s play area could be constructed and protected by low fencing.
  • We are opposed to the construction of the Bramley Road entrance and the associated steps.
  • We are opposed to the loss of so much of the central sun lit lawn to hard landscaping.
  • We are opposed to the seating proposals and in particular the configuration and orientation of the linear bench.
  • We are opposed to the replacement of grassed areas by extensive planting alongside Northfield Avenue and behind the linear bench.
 We have set out the reasons for these concerns in the accompanying document. The document also includes a number of suggestions of ways in which the project could be enhanced.
We trust that you will find these comments helpful and would welcome the opportunity to engage with Councillors and Council Officers in developing a revised set of proposals.
Yours Faithfully
Roger Jarman
Vice Chair
Ealing Fields Residents’ Association


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