June 2011 e-newsletter - Northfields Library

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Please help save Northfields library

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The campaign to save Northfields library is entering its final and most critical phase. Over the next fortnight the Council will be finalising its report on the library closures and cuts.

Next Tuesday evening, 14th June, we have a further opportunity to demonstrate our support for keeping the library open.

Two petitions to save Northfields library will be presented to the meeting of the full Council that takes place on that evening. Because these petitions contain over 1,000 signatures the Council is obliged to debate the proposed closure.

We need as many residents as possible, including children, to turn up for the half hour before the start of the Council meeting. This will mean that the councillors will be aware of our continuing strength of feeling about the proposed closure, before they go into their Council meeting.

Please meet outside the Town Hall, by the E2 bus stop, at 6.30pm. Homemade banners and placards welcome. 

Spate of thefts of garden plants

The Northfield Safer Neighbourhood team asked EFRA to inform our members of the recent thefts of garden plants, as reported in this week's Ealing Gazette.

Dear Residents

The Northfield Safer Neighbourhoods team would like to make you all aware of a recent spate of thefts of garden plants Borough wide. However Northfields ward has experienced a disproportionate number of offences.

There is no particular pattern to these offences in respect of the day of the week, time of day or location. Having said that a large number have occurred between Thursday and Sunday overnight.

Core shift response teams have responsibility for policing overnight on the borough, and have been tasked to pay particular attention to the Northfield ward primarily to counter burglary. We have also asked them to pay attention to this particular issue as well.

To date no one who has reported such a theft as been able to provide us with a more specific time of the offence, suspect description or suspect vehicle registration mark.

The Northfield team will continue to patrol your area during our rostered shifts, but we also need your help to be vigilant and bring any suspicious behaviour/ activity or suspect vehicles to our attention. If you feel something is of an urgent nature then please dial 999. If an actionable pattern to these offences emerges we will of course change our shifts to meet that demand.

Property that has been taken has been as little as £3.95 in value to £150.00. Needless to say that high value pots and plants are more likely targets, so could anyone with valuable plants in their garden be aware and be especially vigilant.

If you would like to speak to a member of the Northfield team you can either call us on 0208 721 2950 or alternatively you can email us on: Northfield.SNT@met.police.uk

Kind regards.

Adam Quested 7437Xb

Northfield SNT

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